Home Design at Koteshwor, Kathmandu

Delve into the residential home design by ArEiCon in Koteshwor, Kathmandu. This modern architectural project is set in a bungalow-style residence. Here are the key features:

Design Aesthetics:
The bungalow exudes style and beauty, with a focus on modern aesthetics. The exterior showcases an impressive and contemporary façade. Flower-decorated balconies add a touch of charm.

Functional Spaces:
The house spans four storeys, providing ample space for various functions. Each storey is thoughtfully designed to accommodate different needs.

Parking Convenience:
The project includes a spacious parking area, ensuring convenience for residents and visitors.

Earthquake-Resistant Structures:
Safety is paramount. The bungalow is constructed with earthquake-resistant features.

Rooftop Views:
Residents can enjoy spectacular terrace views from the rooftop. ArEiCon has crafted an ideal abode in the heart of Kathmandu, combining elegance, functionality, and safety. 

Site Plan Area: 734.45 SQ.FT
Designer: Ar. Ashmi Karki  
Design verified by: Ar. Amina Maharjan
Project Estimator: Er. Anish Shrestha

Facade Right View
Facade Right View

Facade Right View
Facade Right View

Facade Front View
Facade Front View

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