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We are one of the noteworthy architectural designers in Nepal. As we have the interdisciplinary department of engineers and architects. We also provide the services like planning, surveying, construction, landscape design, exterior facade and interior design as well as model making. We have been working on many projects like designing the architecture of residences, hotels, resorts, hospitals, commercial buildings all over Nepal. Please visit our projects and our services to find out more details.

The architectural plan is designed with a more environmental conscious issue. The interior environment is designed according to the space of the structures. For instance, the interior are divided into segments such as...….

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The Simple Design with modern outlook integrating some features of Nepalese Architecture.

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Architectural And Engineering Services in Nepal

Architectural engineering applies science and technology to the real world by designing structural systems in building that enhance our standard of living, improve quality of life and save our infrastructures from natural calamities too.

The Architectural and Engineering are integral for the design and constructions of the structures of the building, bridges, etc.. Architects design to meet the client's needs and engineers ensure the design is safe and meets all appropriate building codes.

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Amazing Modern High End Contemporary Bungalow house in Nepal by Us

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